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    Welcome to Israeli Music TV. Here you will find free jewish music video clips catering to the fast growing segment of young Jewish Americans who search out Israeli video, music, and sports clips.  Postings include Jewish Israeli music videos and rare footage of Israeli adventure sports filmed on location. Check out the very popular Jewish Hip-Hop and Jewish Reggae pages. Thank you for visiting.

New Itzchak Nissim Freestyle Video
"New" 5/29
Thanks again for visiting IsraeliMusicTV. Hope you like this new freestyle from Itzchak Nissim. This Montreal rapper is the hottest thing to come out of Canada since Hockey.

Itzchak Nissim's
"New" 5/28
Check out the new rap songs we got from our friends over at Itzchak Nissim is making his mark in the blossiming world of jewish hip hop. His lyrics flow well over great guitar playing. Thanks to Itzchak for sending us some much appreciated hits. Hear two of his songs and others on our "Streaming Music" or check out his website.

The Tom Petty of Jewish Rock Music
"New" 5/24
Thanks for waiting for more videos. There are some good tunes that will be up soon. This video is a cool rock video from the Jewish rock group Beit Habubot

Madonna Stuck in an Elevator?
"New" 5/17
This new video looks more like a commercial than a music video, but still take a gander. Roni aka Superstar heats up this video, which takes place in an elevator.

Live Rap Peformance by Noa Faaran
"New" 5/11
A new rap video added today. This video features a girl and guy rapper/singer. Good vocals and a catchy hook make this a welcomed addition to the Jewish Music video archive.

Sephardic Music with a touch of Trance - Mosh Ben Ari
"New" 5/10
I love this video, but I couldn't decide if it belongs under Jewish Israeli Ethnic Music Videos or under Jewish Israeli Pop Music Videos? I decided to place it under ethnic since Mosh Ben Ari has dreads. How many pop stars do you know with dreads?

"New" 5/08
Idan Raichel's music has been very popular on Israeli Music TV so I added another Jewish music video by this Sephardic musician. Watch Idan's videos on the Jewish Ethnic Music Videos page.

"New" 5/05
Shevet - Selling Sex and Rap in Israel
I'm sure Shevet will raise some eyebrows. Mixing rap music with sexy videos, Shevet fits right in with today's American rap videos. Is this good or bad for the Israeli music scene? If it turns Israeli rap into a cookie cutter industry, like American popular music, I think not. For now, they can stay. Click here to watch (Warning Nudity)

Shevet's website - Link
Shevet's Myspace page - link

"New" 05/01
I would like to thank everyone that has been visiting IMTV. Excuse me for not updating very much in April. I have been working on improving the site. A new look and feel will be ready soon. So be on the look out. I added another page to the hip-hop section because it was getting so long and became slow to load. The first video on the new rap page is a Subliminal joint called "The Perfect Place".

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Bona fide researchers may apply for access privileges. Music Jewbox Over 500 MP3 tracks (Nov 2002) in twelve easily accessible categories. XenoMusic A very large site with a wide range of music. Many Eastern European albums. Finding something was easy when using the XenoMusic search engine but the retrieval time is around 50 seconds. Keywords which retrieved Jewish-interest music were hebrew, jewish, klezmer, niggun, rabbi, synagogue and yiddish. Some tracks are free but most are charged via Visa, MC and Amex at the rate of US$0.00394 per second (5 mins = US$1.18). Free previews: 20-30 seconds. Audio click and listen Web de la Cole, Argentina: Audio editor (digital format) Web: Bands David Chevan's Afro-Semitic Band Divahn [audio clips] Mason Weisz wrote: "Divahn is the only all-female group in the USA playing Mizrahi-influenced music, and they won a Golden Bagel at the Jewish Music Awards 2005 in the category of 'Best Middle Eastern Blend.'" Evergreen Israeli Celtic band instrumental compositions from the Galilee with Irish inspiration .. comprising The Binyomin Ginzberg Trio and The Simcha Ensemble Location: Englewood, NJ, U.S.A. Majimaz .. comprises: five members; voice, oud, violin, flutes, percussion, bass, piano-accordion and guitar. The group is seeking to re-awaken the interconnection of Jewish and Arabian music through Sefardi vocal music, Arabian and Jewish instrumental music as well as ancient Israeli and Yiddish songs. Matisyahu Miller - Hasidic reggae group (vocals, drums, guitar, bass) Trio Zimbalista An Israeli percussion group which was due to perform at London's Royal Festival Hall as part of the Rhythm Sticks drumming and percussion festival in July 2005. The performance was cancelled. Tzimmes: A very interesting web-site with several pages of well-written information about Jewish music of all kinds. Yachad - The Traveling Tefillah Band Berkeley Library Gladis Catalogue Telnet: telnet:// ( Blogs - Jewish music Web: Web: Book-finders: Web: Booking Agents specialising in Jewish Artists Jewish Music Resources on the Internet A-Z - a miscellany A Cappella Habayit - The home of Jewish a cappella Web: Hasidic Cappella - Russia's leading Jewish a cappella group: Also listed below under Choral as Moscow Male Jewish Choir E-Mail: Alexsander Tsaliuk (Artistic director and conductor) Web: Kol Echad - Boston University's Jewish a cappella group Web: E-mail: Kol Tefilah - shomer shabbes, a capella ensemble based in Boston, U.S.A. and specialising in Jewish liturgical music: Kol Zimra, New Jersey, U.S.A. Magevet A Cappella student group at Yale University sings Jewish and Israeli music: Web: Manginah - only co-ed Jewish a cappella group at Brandeis University Web: Neima - Jewish Collegiate A Cappella Groups Web: Pizmon Jewish A Cappella Web: Shir Appeal (Tufts University): Tufts' only co-ed Jewish a cappella group. Web: E-mail: Shircago - co-ed Jewish a cappella vocal ensemble based in Chicago. Web: [audio clips: Modeh Ani, Tov L'hodot] E-mail: Staam - Washington University's premier Jewish a cappella ensemble Web: E-mail: Western Wind A Cappella Ensemble: recordings: Taste of Eternity - Friday Night Service and Table Songs (Z'Mirot), The Birthday of the World, Music and Traditions of the High Holy Days: Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, The Chanukkah Story (with Theodore Bikel), Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews (narrator: Tovah Feldshuh); Discussion Discussion Web: Adama Musical Group E-mail: Web: Achi Ben Shalom Collection of Jewish music for educational purposes; referral service for all music needs. Translation, transliteration and Hebrew script included. Workshops for music teachers. Source: YiddishNet, May 31, 1999, Vol 3.219, Archives Darmouth Jewish Sound Archive Artist Booking International (USA): Books A few books are listed below. You can find specialist Judaica booksellers via search engines (see below) or see my 'Hebraica and Judaica Booksellers' list elsewhere on this site. Compleat Klezmer, The Authors: Henry Sapoznik, with Pete Sokolow. Publisher: Tara Publications, Cedarhurst,N.Y., USA. ISBN: 0-933676-10-7 Format: 80pp. 21.5cm W x 27.7cm H. Paperback. Spiral bound. Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Decent [sic] Author: Lewis Stevens Format: Hardback. 256 pages. ISBN: 0-85303-482-6. Publisher's comment: This book describes and assesses the relative preponderance of composers of Jewish descent, particularly during the last two hundred years, giving a history of composers of Jewish descent from biblical times to the present day, and assessing the importance of composers of classical music during the last two hundred years. Discovering Jewish Music Author: Marsha Bryan Edelman Publisher: Jewish Publication Society, USA. Format: 420 pages. Hardcover Jewish Music in its Historical Development Author: A.Z. Idelsohn (C)1956. Publisher: Schocken Books, New York. ISBN: 0-8052-0165-3. Library of Congress Catalog Card: 67-25236 Format: xvi + 535pp. Index. 13.4cm W x 20.2cm H. Paperback. (Reprinted by Dover Publishing, ISBN 0-486-27147-1) Jewish Song Book, The Editors: Abraham Zevi Idelsohn, A. Irma Cohon, Baruch Joseph Cohon Publisher: Publications for Judaism (C)1951. Format: xi + 550pp. 16.8cm W x 24.8cm H. Hardback. Music and Kabbala Author: Rabbi M. Glazerson Publisher: Raz-Ot Institute, 5 Amos Street, Geulah, Jerusalem. Telephone: +972 (0)2-382116. Pearls of Yiddish Song Authors: Eleanor Gordon Mlotek and Joseph Mlotek Publisher: Workmen's Circle, 45 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016, USA. ISBN: none. Library of Congress Card: 88-83027 Format: xii + 288pp. 21.4cm W x 27.4cm H. Paperback. Treasury of Jewish Song, A Editor: Ruth Rubin. Publisher: Schocken Books. ISBN: none. Library of Congress Catalogue Card: 50-14685. Format: 224pp. 21.0cm W x 27.2cm H. Paperback Voices of a People - the story of Yiddish folksong Author: Ruth Rubin (C)1979. Publisher: The Jewish Publication Society of America. ISBN: 0-8276-0121-0 Format: 558pp. 14.0cm W x 21.6cm H. Paperback Yiddish Song Book, The Author: Jerry Silverman Publisher: Stein & Day, Scarborough House, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510, USA. ISBN: 0-8128-6130-2 Format: xvi + 207. 20.4cm W x 27.9cm H. Paperback. Books - research at Questia on-line library British Library (BLAISE - The British Library's Automated Information Service): Twenty-two databases, 17 million bibliographic records. Address: British Library NBS, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ, U.K. Telephone: +44 (0)1937-546 585. Facsimile: +44 (0)1937-546 586. E-mail: Web: Brown University - Judaic Studies Web: California Digital Library - Music Web: Cantillation Web: See Neginot, below. Cantor Index A financial derivatives service having nothing to do with cantors or music. Cantor Number An aleph! With numerical subscripts, alephs were used by Georg Cantor, a nineteenth century gentile mathematician and inventor of set theory. His ideas led to the enlargement of set theory by Gaston Julia and Benoit Mandlebrot (of the eponymous Set). Cantorial arts Cantors' Assembly E-mail: Web: Sepharadic cantorial art, see Sepharadic Pizmonim, below. Virtual Cantor Extensive collection of on-line audio files; click & listen. Needs Winamp player. Web: Cantors, American Conference of Guild of Temple Musicians (Reform). Affiliated to ACC. Koleinu monthly newsletter. Cantors: Male Cantors Daniel Halfon is a leading authority on the cantorial style of the western Sephardim, i.e. the Spanish and Portuguese tradition. Audio clips. Cantors: Women Cantor's Network From the WCN home-page: Women cantors have been recognized and accepted into all liberal cantorial schools and organizations. Yet the need for women cantors to come together has not diminished. Networking among women encourages and inspires us as we share knowledge and experiences in balancing our relationships with congregations, families and friends. The membership benefits of conferences and phone networking has broadened with the regular publication of a newsletter beginning in 1983, the writing of a constitution and by-laws in 1993, the commissioning of new Jewish music in 1997, and the creation of an on-line list-serve network in 1998. Web: Web: Cantor Marie Betcher [audio clip: Avinu Malkeinu] Chanting, see Leining, below. Chanting the Haggadah An Old Country Passover - a selection of nineteen short audio files recorded live by Rabbi Peretz Weizman, in April 2001, at the Chesed Shel Emmes in Winnipeg. Chanting the Hebrew Bible • Book: Chanting the Hebrew Bible," by Joshua Jacobson, (c) 2002, The Jewish Publication Society. • Interactive software developed by Koltor Corp., Canada, provides a means of learning to chant correctly. A beautifully designed audio-visual demonstration of the program is available at Chassidische music Gal-Paz, Israel: Shops in Bnei Brak, Haifa, Jerusalem and New York. Chazzan, see Cantor Chazzanut Online Irwin Oppenheim's comprehensive site on Jewish liturgical music, with a large collection of cantorial sheet music, annotated links and background information. NEW WEB-SITE ADDRESS, February 2004 Children's Music Kiddiegifts Contact: Orly Binder, Amos Barzel KiddieGifts, 18 Tnuat Hameri Street, Ramat Gan, Israel 52325. Telephone: +972-3-5742025 E-mail: Web: Specialists in musical productions for schools and kindergartens. Kiddiegifts is able to create entire productions - writing, composing, arranging, and recording the material, cd's and cassettes - without resorting to outside bodies. Children's Songs Peter & Ellen: Jewish music for children Contact: 'Two Candles Burn - New Festival Songs For Children' introduces children to songs for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Shavuot and others. Arranged and produced by Stephen Melzack. Audio cassette. Two Candles (Online) Limited, 55/56 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LN, England. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7242 5462 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7405 2944 E-mail: Web: Chironomy A system of hand signals which are used to convey the trop or cantillation to the person reading from a Sefer Torah. See Leining, below. Choral Alyth Choral Society, London, UK Telephone: +44 (0)20-8883 1773. Amsterdams Synagogaal Koor (Amsterdam Synagogue Choir) Web: Coro Ha-Kol (Italy): Ladinostalgia - Ladino choir from Jerusalem, Israel Web: [The] London Cantorial Singers Web: London Jewish Male Choir Web: Telephone: +44 (0)20-8445 2194, 0795 624 6659 London School of Jewish Song (male voices only?) Conductor/director: Yigal Calek, +44 (0)20-8458 8137 Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale Web: Mordje Guebirtig Jewish Choir, Buenos Ayres, Argentina Moscow Male Jewish Choir - Hasidic Cappella Also listed above under A Cappella as Hasidic Cappella. E-Mail: Alexsander Tsaliuk (Artistic director and conductor) Web: North American Jewish Choral Festival, USA Web: Oranim Singers, London, UK Telephone: +44 (0)20-8455 5276. Ask for Hagai. Shabbaton [Orthodox] Choir, Hertfordshire, UK Telephone: +44 (0)446 5740. Shir Hadavar Choir, Bristol, UK Telephone: +44 (0)? Jewish Synagogue Music - score facsimiles and MIDI files Zamir Choral Foundation, New York, NY, U.S.A. Web: The Foundation, founded and directed by Matthew Lazar, sponsors a wide range of programs in Jewish choral music, including the Zamir Chorale (the original, founded in 1960 by Stanley Sperber), HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir, and the North American Jewish Choral Festival. Zamir Chorale of Boston, USA Web: Zemel Choir, London, U.K. Telephone: +44 (0)20-8868 8423 E-mail: Web: Classical music Listserv: listname: moderated classical music Subscribe: Send message: subscribe mod (?) forename surname Listserv: listname: classm-l Subscribe: Send message: subscribe classm-l forename surname Discussion group: Discussion group: Web: Web: Web: Commission on Synagogue Music (USA) Complex music Discussion group: Composers Sidney Goldberg, NJ, U.S.A. In October 2005 was seeking a composer to write musical scores. Alexandr Morduhovich - Jewish composer, educator and musician. Lior Navok - Jewish composer and orchestrator. Based in Israel. Nikos Pogonatos - pianist, composer, arranger, teacher of music. Based in Switzerland. Founder, 2002, Klezmer Trio Chalojmes in Zürich. Yiddish and Jewish songs. Audio clips on web-site. Composition Discussion group: Discussion group: (Stephen Sondheim) Web: Deciphering hand-writing in old documents Old documents often require special techniques in deciphering. For a superficial tutorial see Web: Scripta Project (Palaeography): Web: Debbie Friedman Web: Dolby Laboratories Web: Early Music Listserv: listname: earlym-l Subject: Medieval and Renaissance music Subscribe Send message: subscribe earlym-l forename surname Listserv: med-and-ren-music Subscribe: Discussion group: Web: 25 music audio files. ERIC Database at Syracuse University Web: Ethnomusicology Research Digest Web: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and answers about music) Web: Film music E-mail: Listserv: listname: filmus-l Subscribe: Send message: subscribe filmus-l forename surname Films with Jewish characters Web: Films, Videos and TV Programs of Jewish Interest Discussion group: Jewish Film Archive: Florida State University School of Music Web: Web: Links to schools, research. Friedman, see Debbie Friedman, above. Genealogy Listserv: listname: jewishgen Subscribe: Send message: subscribe jewishgen forename surname Discussion group: news:soc.genealogy.jewish Web: General Discussion group: Discussion group: (performers) Web: Discussion group: Discussion group: Yahoo! Jewish music page of links Web: Yiddish: A Sudenyu Of Yiddish Song Web: Gilbert & Sullivan plays in Yiddish: see Gilbert & Sullivan Archive, above. Helen Winkler's Yiddish Dance Page Hollander Booksellers - Yiddish sheet music: Jozef der gasnsinger Yiddish song archive. Sheet music in PDF format Kame'a music web-site Web: Medem-Bibliotek is the largest library and archive of Yiddish books and material in Western Europe. E-mail: Mendele This is a Yiddish-interest e-mail newsletter. Frequent music discussions, often about Klezmer, in English and Yiddish. Subscribe: Send message: commands Web: Web: Nikos Pogonatos - Pianist, Yiddish music E-mail: Web: Audio clips. SOURCE: Mavensearch, 20 April 2004 Nizza Thobi ("Forget Klesmer - Nizza Thobi revives Yiddish!") Web: Audio: Oxford Institute of Yiddish Studies Web: E-mail: Robert Freedman Yiddish Song Database Web: Shtetl Web: Tangele A project led by Lloica Czackis who is an Argentinian Jewish singer based in London. Tangele involves research into and performance of Yiddish Tango. Several performances and talks are due to take place in London and Newcastle during the second half of 2003. See the diary at Web: Yiddish on computers - Understanding Yiddish Information Processing Mailing list, information: Yiddish-American music Dave Tarras / Yiddish-American Music, 1925 - 1956 Web: Yiddish Is Forever: October 2002: Yiddish Is Forever, a 3 CD-box, 48 songs, more than 3 hours of music. Yiddish Melodies - Mame-Loshn 2000: Illustrations to the Moisey Beregovskys' song collection YiddishNet e-mail newsletter Editor: Reyzl Kalifowicz-Waletzky Archive: Subscription details: or send the two-word message info yiddishnet to Yiddish Voice, The [Internet radio] WUNR 1600 AM/Brookline, Massachusetts USA Listen live, Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 p.m. (GMT-4) Web: Zemerl - Jewish Song Database Web: An interactive, comprehensive on-line database of Jewish songs, including lyrics, information, sound clips, and other on-line resources for Jewish music. Source: Maven, 25 May 1999 Gilbert & Sullivan Archive Web: The Gilbert & Sullivan Yiddish Light Opera Company of Long Island, New York, has been performing Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas in Yiddish/English since about 1984. Performances have been given in the United States, Canada and as far afield as London, England, where 'Der Yiddisher Mikado' was performed in London in August 1996. Web: Gratz College, Melrose Park, PA, U.S.A. Web: The College offers an MA in Jewish Music program which trains hazzanim and other Jewish music professionals, as well as an extensive library of Jewish music, including the world-renowned Eric Mandell Collection. Guild of Temple Musicians See 'Cantors, American Conference of,' above. Hava Nashira - Jewish Songleaders Resource Links to music publishers, Jewish songbooks, etc. Hazan, see Cantor Hebrew Songs Shlomo Argamon's Jewish Melodies and Lyrics Page Web: Web: Hebrew Union College - School of Sacred Music Web main: Web resources: Web search engine: Hebrew University, Jerusalem see Jewish Music Research Centre, below History of Jewish Music Book title: Jewish Music - Its Historical Development Author: Abraham Z. Idelsohn Publisher: Dover Publications, New York. 1992. Format: paperback, 13.7cm W x 21.6cm H, xxii + 535pp, chapter notes, index ISBN: 0-486-27147-1 Roots of Klezmer, see Klezmer/Lost Trails, below. Indexing American Society of Indexers Web: http:// Indiana University School of Music Web: Instruments Accordion, concertina, melodeon Discussion group: Bagpipes Web: Discussion group: Bass Discussion group: Bowed strings Discussion group: Cello Jewish cello music, Daniel Kazez: Dulcimer Discussion group: Flute: see Shops/Flute House, below. French horn Discussion group: Guitar Yona Travel Guitars, Jerusalem: Discussion group: Discussion group: Discussion group: Discussion group: Stick, The: A parallel-strung, 8, 10 or 12 string fretboard tapping instrument which resembles an electric guitar. Designs are based on the revolutionary two-handed tapping method of parallel hands discovered by Emmett Chapman on guitar in 1969 and taught since then to players around the world. Harps, Harp of David: Extensive notes on history, construction and tuning. see also Shops/House of Harrari, below. Harpsichord Web: Lute Web: Percussion Discussion group: Piano Piano web-site: Discussion group: Renaissance instruments Web: Synthesizers Discussion group: Theremin MouSing: Mouse-based theremin simulator Virtual Theremin: Trumpet Discussion group: Violin and other bowed instruments Web: (David T. Van Zandt) Woodwind Discussion group: Instruments, construction of Discussion group: International Society for Jewish Music Contact the ISJM via Jewish Music Heritage Trust, below. Internet Radio JRock! - Broadcast from Jerusalem Nusach Internet Radio VJ Radio Israel Museum Web: 2001: no music resources were found. Israel, music in Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Web: Music in Israel - Daily listing of all classical music concerts and opera in Israel in English with links to orchestras, choirs, groups and concert halls etc. Web: Web: Israeli Folk Dancing Israeli Dance Experience, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Web: Israeli Dances Web: Rikuday Dor Rishon Founded in 1987, this New York group is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the first generation of Israeli folk dances, from the pre-independence era to the reunification of Jerusalem and the post-Six Day War period. Web: E-mail: Vintage Israeli Folk Dancing Come dance with us ... in San Diego, California Web: Israeli Music Israeli Top 20 Web: Ofra Haza, Singer (1957-2000), Tribute to: Radio Israel: JAMS - Jay's Alternatives in Music Education Early childhood and pre-school music program using Jewish and secular source material for children aged 0-6 years: Jazz Judy Lewis Group, Israel: jazz rock fusion Red-Sea Jazz Festival Discussion group: Web: Jewish Community music downloads Jewish lullabies Tanja Solnik's From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies, traditional Jewish lullabies sung in Ladino, Yiddish and Hebrew. Eleven lullabies sung in Yiddish. Lyrics and translations. RealAudio link. Jewish Music Diary This comprehensive list of Jewish musical events in London is compiled and circulated by e-mail by Diane Bramson. The coverage is for the current month and for several months ahead. Subscription is free - send a request to Jewish Music Heritage Trust The JMHT has evolved into the Jewish Music Institute which is based at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at London University. See next entry. Jewish Music Institute From the JMI web-site: The Jewish Music Institute is an independent arts organisation (non-religious), established in March 2000 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, after 18 years of successful operation under the name of the Jewish Music Heritage Trust. JMI is a national focus bringing Jewish music to the mainstream British cultural arena for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Web: Jewish Music Research Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Web: The Jewish Music Research Centre of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, founded in 1964 by Prof. Israel Adler, is dedicated to the documentation, research and publication of scholarly materials about Jewish music. Research encompasses two main areas: ethnomusicology, which deals with Jewish oral traditions, and historically-oriented research based on written documentation. Collecting and studying all documents pertaining to the musical traditions and the musical life of Jewish communities, past and present are primary tasks of the Centre, as well as, preserving these materials, cataloguing and making them accessible to the scholars and individuals interested in Jewish music. The JMRC carries out many projects in conjunction with institutions and researchers in Israel and abroad. Please see our unique Thesaurus of Jewish Music, a bibliographic and music source, which may be searched by category, tradition, country or author. Jewish Music WebCenter, maintained by Judy Pinnolis Home-page: also Libraries and Archives with Jewish Music Collections Jewish resources Avrom's Jewish Music Page Web: Discussion group: Discussion group: news:soc.culture.jewish Discussion group: news:soc.culture.jewish.shoa Discussion group: news:uk.religion.jewish Web: Web: Web: Jewish Theological Seminary Music Archive: Jewish Virtual Library Break Forth in Melody and Song: Jewish Youth Orchestra of Great Britain E-mail: Tel:+44 (0)20-8441 9087. Joe Loss Lectureship in Jewish Music at City University, St John's Street, London EC1, U.K. Contact: Alexander Knapp Telephone (direct): +44 (0)20-7477 8283. E-mail: Early in June 2003 a search of the City University web-site at did not produce any significant references to the Joe Loss Lectureship in Jewish Music. Journals Journal of Synagogue Music Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy Musica Judaica Judeo-Spanish Vocal Repertory Web: Karpel Music Publication Music Publication & Music Notation Service. There is an English-Hebrew glossary of musical terms. Klezmer Ari Davidow's Klezmer page E-mail: Web: List of bands ranked by name and location, sheet music, instruments. German Klezmer Page, The Web: House of Musical Traditions - Klezmer Web: Telephone: +1 301-270 9090 Facsimile: +1 301-270 3010 Lost Trails - Shane Solow's recordings of musicians in northern Romania who play archaic melodies which are a prototype for Klezmer music. They learned the melodies from Jewish musicians who lived in this region before the Second World War. They are some of the last performers who know this tradition. Yahoo! page of klezmer links Klezmer and simcha bands See also Bands, above See also Radio/Radio@Netscape, below BaRock Orchestra, founded 1989 The web-site includes pictures of BaRock players, audio clips and, most unusually, a page of detailed geographical directions about how to get to the many venues where they perform. Web: Budowitz Cayuga Klezmer Revival (Ithaca, USA) Web: Chalojmes Klezmer Trio, Zürich, Switzerland. See Composers/Pogonatos above. Cincinnati Klezmer Project Web: David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble Into the Freylakh Based in Detroit area, U.S.A. Java Jews Klezmer Band of Iowa, U.S.A. Kabalas, The (USA) Klezmania (Australia), includes audio samples. Klezmaniacs circa 2002 Klezmer Connection Established 1996. Wide variety of Jewish music - klezmer, Yiddish and Israeli, Russian and American (swing, standards, Broadway, jazz); and an a cappella group,focusing on Shomer Shabbat simchas. Klezmer Festival Band, London, U.K. E-mail: Telephone: Gregori Schechter, +44 (0)20-8952 2996. Klezmer for Brass 'n' Wood Klezmer music for Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Orchestras Klezmer Juice, Los Angeles, U.S.A. Audio clips. Klezmer Swingers, London Telephone: +44 (0)20-8550 2352. Klezmerantics, Haarlem, The Netherlands An eclectic brand of music based in Yiddish tradition Web: Maxwell Street Klezmer Band (Chicago, USA) Web: Minsker Kapelye Klezmer Ensemble Minsk, Belarus. [audio samples] Ot Azoy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Seen playing with verve in Leicester Square, London W1, Summer 1997. Telephone: +31 (0)20 679 5680 Facsimile: +31 (0)20 600 6748 Pannónia Klezmer Band, Hungary Web: Web: Rock & Rollmops, London, U.K. Details to follow. Shir (United Kingdom) London-based quartet specialising in Jewish music from Eastern Europe, Israel and the Middle East. Sokolow, Peter Gary E-mail: Svenska Klezmerföreningen Tantzunlid Klezma Trio, London, U.K. Details to follow. Wholesale Klezmer Band 1.. 2.. Yale Klezmer Band (Yale University student band, USA) Web: Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band (Cleveland, USA. Bert Stratton, +1 216-932-3586) Web: Ladino, see Choral / Ladinostalgia, above. Large Print Music Popular, classical and religious music. 2.5 x normal size. For details, please send a stamped addressed envelope to LPM (London), P.O. Box 47, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 3BD, U.K. Leining Leining, the method of chanting when reciting the Torah in shul, is the subject of an active discussion group which is moderated by Rabbi David Grossman. Subscribe, unsubscribe, change your group settings, and much more by clicking on the Leining link at The Group's leining site is at: Get more information by sending a blank e-mail to See also chanting, chazzanut, cantillation, neginot, ping-pong leining Library of Congress Hebraic Section: Web: Performing Arts: Web: Search Tools: Web: Listserv, see Mailing Lists, below Liturgy Lubavitch source. Your computer must be sound-enabled: Lyrics FTP: Discussion group: (Discussion of song lyrics) Mailing lists Information on more than 70,000 mailing lists: Web: Find 'culture,' then 'jewish,' then 'jewish music,' or send three-word message info jewish-music to The word 'lizst' here is a humorous replacement for 'list.' A variant of computer programming language LISP is called 'Franz Lisp.' Martin Solomon's Celtic and Klezmer DADGAD guitar web-site Solomon argues that the Celtic guitar tuning of DADGAD instead of the more familiar EADGBE tuning improves the sound of klezmer. Transcriptions, audio clips. Web: Maven: Jewish-interest resources in Israel and world-wide, including music. Web: Web: Maven-announce A 'several times a month' e-mail listing of Jewish-interest Internet resources, including music. To subscribe, go to either of the two Maven web-sites above and click on the SUBSCRIBE button. MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface: Discussion group: Web: MIDI Archives: Israeli Jewish MIDI Music Library Web: Israeli, Jewish, Yiddish, Hebrew Web: Classical MIDI archives Movies, see Films, above MP3 The term MP3 is derived from Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG). MPEG refers to a group of digital video compression standards whereby file compression is achieved by recording only the changes in succeeding frames. Motion Picture - [level] 3 (MP3) is a standard whereby files are compressed by removing those parts of the audio data which are inaudible to the human ear. Software: Hardware: Services: Secure Digital Music Initiative, The (SDMI): Information, FAQ: Webmonkey's Find/Play MP3 Guide: ZDNet: MP3 Guide: Napster: This program is a web-spider. You tell it what music you are looking for and it then searches its index of Napster users to find the music. Napster does not itself hold music files for distribution. The users, using the Napster browser, decide whether or not make files available for supply to other Napster users. The original source of the music may be a copyrighted CD. Macster: Napster for the Apple Mac: Gnutella: Unlike Napster which maintains a centralised index of users, Gnutella is a free program which is also completely decentralised in the way it operates. Music, images and texts may be exchanged. Copyright appears to have no defence against this system. Music Festivals New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, 13-25 Sep 2005: "Music From God" A project whereby "... decoding the Hebrew letters of the Torah into their own musical notes, we have made the power of the original Hebrew text of the Bible available in the universal language of music." Audio clips. Web: Music Library Association (USA) Web: Listserv: listname: mla-l Subscribe: Send message: subscribe mla-l your_forename your_surname Music software ABC musical notation system: CTI Music downloadable software: Millennium Music Software: Mozart Music Processor: Music Publisher: Rosegarden: Sibelius Software: C-Thru-Music: Music Styles List An enormous musical resource with a fairly good indexing method; click on 'styles,' then on 'world,' then on 'Jewish.' Its Jewish section contains pages of links to Chazzanut, Klezmer and Performers. Web: MuSICA Database - science and theory of music. Web: Musica Judaica Editor: Dr. Arbie Orenstein Musical Instrument Digital Interface See MIDI, above. Musicians Bart Berman Israeli concert pianist, internationally active. American Record Guide: "one of the premier Schubert interpreters of our time." Web: National Sound Archive (UK), part of the British Library. Web: Web: Web: Sound files are in RealAudio format.There is a button to download RealPlayer software. Neginot (cantillation marks): An outstanding resource is that compiled by Helmut Richter at ... Eliezer Segal's page offers audio clips for all neginot for Torah and Haftarah: See Cantillation, above. New Israeli Opera E-mail: Web: Nigun Society for the promotion and exploration of Jewish Music Web: Nigunim - Bobov Broadcast Heimische Bobover nigunim Nigunim at Dozens of audio files. English: English introduction by the Rebbe: Yiddish: North American Jewish Choral Festival Web: Nusach Opera and theatre All About Jewish Theatre: Listserv: listname: opera-l Subscribe: Send message: subscribe opera-l forename surname Discussion group: Performing Rights, Royalties, etc. Australian Performing Right Association: BMI [faulty address, 25 June 2000]: Performing Right FAQ: Performing Right Society (UK): SESAC (USA): Society of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers, Canada. English/French site. List of performing rights organisations. Personalities: See also "Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent " listed under Books, above. Many of the names listed below were copied from The Dictionary of Jewish Biography, by Geoffrey Wigoder, ISBN:0-13-210105-X. Some others were copied from Adler, Samuel Hans and Halevy, Jacques (see Halevy, below) Psalm 118, Min Hameitsar Alexandrovich, Misha Russian cantor and singer. Died 2002 aged 88. CD from Hatikvah Music (323) 655-7083. Alkabiz, Solomon Bajgelman, Dawid (Baigelman, David) Born 1888, Ostrowiec. Died 1944, Auschwitz. Violinist, conductor, composer. [more] Beimel, Jacob refers to Beimel: refers to Beimel: Berlin, Irving, songwriter (1888-1989) Irving Berlin Music Company: Biography by Seymour Brody: Irving Berlin: In and Out of Tune: Berstein, Leonard, composer and conductor (1918-1990) Bloch, Ernst, composer and teacher (1880-1959) Cohen, Herman, married daughter of L. Lewandowski Cohon Copland, Aaron, composer Da Ponte, Lorenzo, librettist (1749-1838) Damrosch family (of musicians) Clara Damrosch: [password needed] Damrosch, Leopold, violinist and composer Damrosch, Walter Johannes Einstein, Albert, violinist and physicist ... and the violin: Elman, Mischa, violinist Feurmann, Emanuel, cellist Gershwin, George, composer 100 Years of Gershwin: Adissi's Gershin web-site (English/Portguese): Goldfaden, Abraham, composer plus other activities Goldmark, Karl, composer, music teacher (1830-1915) Goodman, Benny, clarinetist and bandleader Halevy, Jacques and Adler, Samuel Hans (see Adler, above) Psalm 118, Min Hameitsar Halpern, Feliks Rafal Born 1866, Lodz. Died 1942, Lodz Ghetto. Composer, pianist, musical critic. [more] Heifetz, Jascha, violinist (1900-1987) Biography by Tim Page: accordian player: Hess, Myra, pianist (1890-1965) Higgins, Andrea Jill Shehecheyanu Horowitz, Vladimir, pianist (married Toscanini's daughter Wanda) (1903-1989) Hosmer Huberman, Bronislaw, violinist (1882-1947) Patrick Harris' Huberman page: Idelsohn, Abraham Zvi, musicologist Jacobson, Joshua Mah Nishtanah, Psalm 114, Saleynu (Celebrate), Shavu'ot James, Harry, trumpet player, band leader (1916-1983) shortened.../James__Harry__1916_1983_/ Jolson, Al, entertainer, singer Katz, Shalom, cantor Kern, Jerome, composer Show Boat: King David, harpist Kiss, Josef, poet, wrote ''Jewish Songs'' book of poetry Klemperer, Otto, conductor Kousevitsky, Serge, conductor Kwartin, Zavel, cantor Landowska, Wanda, harpsichordist Lewandowski, Louis, composer and conductor (b. Wreschen 1821, d. Berlin 1894) Loewenstamm, M. Mahler, Gustav, composer and conductor (1860-1911) Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Felix, composer (1809-1847) Meyerbeer, Giacomo, composer (1791-1864) Milhaud, Darius (1892-1974) Naumberg/Naumbourg, S. arranger Nelson, Rachelle Shehecheyanu Offenbach, Jacques/Jakob, composer (1819-1880) Oistrakh, David Fedorovich, violinist (1908-1974) Ormandy, Eugene (born Jeno Blau, Budapest), conductor (1899-1985) Peerce, Jan (Jacob Pincus Perelmuth), 1904-1984. Tenor and violinist Piatigorsky, Gregor, cellist (1903-1976) Pik, T. Shehecheyanu Porges, Heinrich. 1837-1900. Disciple of Richard Wagner [more] Rach, Jochim, composer, Germany (circa 1850) Richards, Stephen (1935-) Avadim Hayinu, Eliyahu Hanavi Rogers, Richard (& Hammerstein), composer (1902-1979) Romberg, Sigmund, composer (1887-1951) Rose, Billy, songwriter and other activities (1899-1966) Rosenblatt, Joseph, cantor and composer (1882-1933) Rosenfeld, Morris, poet and songwriter (1862-1923) Rossi, Salomon de, composer (1570-1630) Adon Olam Rubenstein, Anton Grigoryevich, pianist, composer (1829-1894) Rubenstein, Arthur, pianist (1887-1982) Sachs, Curt, German musicologist, authority on instruments (1881-1959) Schalit, Heinrich Psalm of Thanksgiving Schlesinger, S. Schmidt, Joseph, Romanian tenor (1904-1942) Schnabel, Artur, pianist and composer (1882-1951) Schoenberg, Arnold, composer (1874-1951) Schorr, Boruch Schorr, Israel Sirota, Gershon Isaac, cantor (1874-1943) Solomon Pit'chu Li Straus, Oscar, operetta composer Stark, Edward Stein Steinberg, Ben Selections from Hallel (Psalms 113-118), Shehecheyanu, Zeh Hayom Stern, Isaac One of the greatist violinists of the 20th century. Born Soviet Union, 1920. Moved to Los Angeles, 1921. Died Manhattan, 2001. Strassburg, Robert (1915-): Psalm 117 Sulzer, Solomon, cantor, composer (1804-1890) Halleluya (Psalm 111) Szell, George, conductor, composer (1897-1970) Szigeti, Joseph, violinist (1892-1973) Tauber, Richard, tenor (1892-1948) Tertis, Lionel, violinist (1876-1975) Tucker, Richard, tenor and cantor (1913-1975) Tucker, Sophie, singer and entertainer (1884-1966) Wald, F. Walter, Bruno. Conductor (1876-1962) Weill, Kurt, composer (1900-1950) Weintraub, H. Wieniawski, Henryk, violinist and composer (1835-1880) Yose Ben Yose, Hebrew liturgical poet (5th-6th century) Photographic record of Jazz by Ray Avery Web: Ping-pong leining Not the game known as table-tennis, but derived from the side-to-side head movements of the spectators. Ping-pong in the Jewish world refers to the chanting of the Sefer Torah when the reader uses a Chumash with cantillation marks as a guide to trop whilst reading from the unmarked scroll. The reader would point normally with the shamash in the right hand whilst glancing quickly at the Chumash lying on the reading desk at the left side of the scroll. See also Leining, above. Literary minded readers of this page may have read "The Mighty Waltzer" by Howard Jacobson. It is about the author's youth and tells about his development into an expert table-tennis player. Whether he also became an expert leiner was not stated. Pinnolis: Judy Pinnolis' Jewish Music WebCentre Q Radio Streaming Jewish Music: Radio@Netscape™ A klezmer station is provided by the eponymous browser company. Click on Then, click on the radio button. Then, in the stations list, click on 'world' to reveal the klezmer button. The selections are drawn from more than 100 albums. This is a marvellous audio resource. Click here for a partial list of Radio@Netscape's recent output. Nusach - Jewish soul music: Web: [Off-line, 2 June 2003] Yiddish Voice: WUNR 1600 AM/Brookline, Massachusetts USA Listen live, Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 p.m. (GMT-4) Web: Rap 50 Shekel - "bringing Heeb Hop music to the world" Zionist Rap - Sales proceeds in aid of soldiers 'Missing In Action' in defence of Israel. Reform Synagogues of Great Britain Music to accompany the new RSGB Siddur, 2005: Rice University Fondren Library Brown Fine Arts Library - Music Resources: Royal College of Music (London) No Jewish-interest content. No search facilities. Web: Royal Academy of Music (London) You will get much more information from the Telnet link than from the web-site. Telnet is a pre-Windows non-mouse system and may present you with unfamiliar options. It relies upon typed data entry via the alphabet and number keys, the cursor keys and the return (enter) key. It is easy to use and if you are clever enough to use Internet Explorer or Netscape then you should have no difficulty with Telnet. In its time it gave easy, swift access to enormous on-line resources and may still do so. Telnet: telnet:// login: library; a password is not needed. Web: Schools and conservatories of Jewish music Ron Shulamit Music Conservatory Based in Jerusalem, Israel. Since 1910 has provided quality music and dance education, while bringing the arts to communities across Jerusalem and Israel as a whole, through performances by its ballet troupes, chamber orchestras (including an accordian orchestra), ensembles, and youth choirs. Telephone: +972 2-652-8531 E-mail: Web: Search Engines Searching for information with a search engine usually involves getting a great deal of unwanted information. To an extent one can reduce the unwanted references by the use of appropriate search keywords: 1. jewish music 2. "jewish music" 3. jewish AND music 4. jewish AND music NOT pop 5. +jewish +music -pop 6. niggun 7. jewish AND liturg Sepharadic Pizmonim - Sepharadic Cantorial pieces Web: Cantorial pieces, songs and melodies in Ladino, Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, French and Spanish. Slow to load. Sephardic culture and music Web: Web: Sephardic music These details and links were kindly provided by Judy Pinnolis E-mail:, Web: BSZNet: Gateway to Sephardic Resources. Visit the BSZ Hall of Music! Moroccan Tunes, part of the Sephardic-Moroccan Page Tzimmes: a performing group. Moshe Denberg has mounted an excellent history of Jewish music and included a lot of info on Sephardic music. Judith Cohen's website: a musicologist and performer: Judy Frankel's website. Her singing is delightful. Za'atar, a group dedicated to Sephardic and Moroccan music Sephardim on records: see: There is also a new book by Kay Shelemay called Let Jasmine Rain Down. It has an extensive bibliography and should lead one to places of sephardic score music. Seventeenth Century Music, Journal of Web: Shemay Israel, Jewish music and groups Web: Shlomo Project Downloadable MP3 tracks containing some Jewish content. Web: Shofar The repertoire of the shofar is generally limited to the bugle-like sounds which accompany the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services in the synagogue.'s Shofar Idol: Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Kriat Hashofar: Arthur Finkel, author of The Shofar Sounders Reference Manual and Easy Guide to Shofar Sounding has produced a fascinating web-site: Playable 6-hole shofar: [includes an audio clip]. This modified shofar would not be kosher for use on the Yomtovim. However, since the Tekiah Gadola blasts of the kosher shofar signal the formal end of Yom Kippur, I should then love to hear a shofar rendering of Hatikvah. Hear the various shofar notes: Shops Flute House - discount sales, repairs (Israel) Web: Freetown Records Web: Ganeydn Jewish Art and Music Web: Hatikvah Music: +1 (323) 655-7083 Sephardic, Klezmer, Cantorial, Yiddish, Israeli CD and video titles. Hed Arzi Records Web: House of Harrari - Biblical harps Web: Israel-Music Web: Jarden Jewish Bookshop Krakow, Poland. Music (Klezmer CD's) E-mail: Web: Web: Jewish Music Distribution Jewish music-oriented books, cassettes, CD's. P.O. Box 67, Hailsham, BN27 4UW, U.K. Telephone / Facsimile: 0800-7811 686, +44 (0)1323-832863. E-mail: Web: Mostly Music Excellent indexing of site contents. Downloads, sheet music, albums, songs, etc. Several rabbinic commentaries regarding the halachic implications of copying and downloading. Past Perfect - digitally re-mastered 1920's, 1930's, 1940's music. Web: SABRA Music Center Web: Sounds Write Curiously, this Jewish music web-site does not depict any overtly Jewish imagery or symbols in its design. The names of the artistes are 100% kosher! StagePass A retail site offering an enormous array of books and other musical resources. The site has an integral search engine. I entered various search keys to determine the number of book items retrieved.Search keys and results: hassidic=7 hebrew=19, israel=17, jew*=210, jewish=188, klezmer=24, ladino=2, yiddish=8. Tara - World of Jewish Music Web: Worldwide Success Records Singers Alan Lieberman composes tunes and lyrics and sings with guitar accompaniment: Web: Nomi Teplow (Israeli vocalist. Contemporary Jewish music concerts in Israel and U.S.A. Web-site includes lyrics, audio files): Society for the Promotion of Jewish Liturgical Music No details are currently available [July 2004] but there is a reference to the Society at Song-leading Shir B'Yachad Jewish song group Meets once a month in the London, U.K., area and welcomes everyone who enjoys singing to learn, teach and share Jewish songs of all types, learning informally by ear using song sheets with transliterated words. All levels of musical ability welcome, including none. Led by experienced song leaders and teachers. Informal and friendly atmosphere. Cost £3. Get more information from Diane []. Hava Nashira Jewish music of the people, by the people, and for the people of the Hava Nashira songleaders' community Web: Song writing • customised Bar and Bat Mitzvah songs on a CD with the name of the child in the song lyrics. Also can change lyrics to fit family situation and readings that will be chanted at the service. Personalised CD labels. Web: • provides an extensive list of general links. Many lead to tutorials and information pages about the process and business aspects of song-writing: • Discussion group: Sound archives Discussion group: news:alt.binaries.sounds.d discussion Discussion group: Steganography This has nothing at all to do with dinosaurs. The name is derived from the Greek stegein grajein or "covered writing." It is the science of hiding data within other data. Digitised music and pictures are ideal media for this purpose. Uses of steganography include hiding your name, serial numbers and copyright information in various places in your digitised music in the hope that it may prove valuable in court against counterfeiters. The hidden data is almost impossible to detect. The process is also known as watermarking and fingerprinting. The brand-name 'Steganos' is in use [2002] for a computer security product. Web: Web: Web: British Computer Society - Software Protection Specialist Group: A book which deals extensively with this subject is Disappearing Cryptography by Peter Wayner. ISBN: 0-12-738671-8. Symposium on Jewish Music, Edinburgh, 1996 Web: Tallis Tallis Consultancy A service offered by British Telecommunications PLC. It has nothing to do with Thomas Tallis, music or talleisim. ... is an information services company which provides library management systems. Tangele See Yiddish/Tangele, below Transcontinental Music Publications This is a division of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. It is the largest publisher of Jewish choral and solo music in North America. Web: Union of American Hebrew Congregations - Music See Films, above. Women in Jewish Music International Alliance for Women in Music search engine Use 'jewish' as search key: Web: Karen Daniel: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh: Also offers simultaneous singing + signing. Women Cantor's Network members' pages: See also Cantors, Women Cantors Network, above