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Jewish Ethnic Music

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Mosh Ben Ari - Derech
This Israeli music video is a visual masterpiece. Watch this video and Mosh Ben Ari will take you on a musical journey through various ecosystems while relaxing your ears.

Idan Raichel - Im Telech
Idan fuses Ethiopian melodies and themes into this awesome video. I really feel like I'm transported to the desert in this video.

Idan Raichel Music Video

Idan Raichel - Mi'Maamakim (From The Deep)
Idan is a platinum selling musician in Israel and around the world. His music has really taken the form of art as it combines traditional Ethiopian melodies, Hip Hop, and tops it off with Israeli percussion. At only 28 years old, his music is very sophisticated.

Picture of Idan Raichel

David Broza/Said Murad - In my Heart
This video is a musical collaboration between Israeli pop-star David Broza & the popular Palestinian singer Said Murad. Their song is a melancholy but hopeful message about the land they both love and share. This is the theme song for "The Shape of The Future" documentary series produced by Search for Common Ground.

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