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Funny Stuff

Kochav Nolad Skit
This is a funny video parody of the internet viral video clip, Numa Numa. It was on "Kochav Nolad", the Israeli version of "American Idol".

Sarah Silverman: Last Laugh '05
Way over the top.

Chutzpah claims they are the world's first Hip-Hop Jewish supergroup. Did they forget about The Beastie Boy's?

Chutzpah-Chanukah's Da Bomb

"NEW" This is a video clip from the movie "Shreck" with a Hebrew dialogue.

We are not exactly sure what this video is.

Army of Lovers - Israelism

The next Mike Myers. This young man came out with a character named Linda Berkinstein. In this scenario, Linda is showing off her favorite delicacy, Snausages.

A typical day relaxing on the beach in Tel-Aviv

    Ali G is a funny man. However, his comedy sometimes brings out the worst in people, giving them an outlet to display their ignorance to the world.
    One of our viewers wrote in and we agree, "Mr. G should deffinately be the first IMTV VJ!"

    This guy does an amazing Ali G impersonation. He even gives props to IMTV's main man Matisyahu.

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