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Jewish Hip-Hop

Iron Solomon & Subliminal

Iron Solomon vs Mic Assassin
This was shot in our stomping ground here at IMTV, Times Square NYC.

Iron Solomon vs NoCanDo
This was shot at the Scribble Jam in 2005.

Iron Solomon Vs Diobolic
This is one of Iron Solomon's older rap battle videos.

Iron Solomon vs. Rabbi Darkside

Children stop arguing.

Subliminal feat. Sivan - The Perfect Place
This is the full video of "The Perfect Place". When I first added this song it was only the partial video. Enjoy.

This video is from an Israeli TV show featuring Subliminal, Sivan, Ha'Tzel and Itzik Shaml.

Subliminal - Tikva (Hope)

  • Direct link to Tikvah
  • Subliminal - Yeled Rehov (Street Kid)
    Subliminal has been very popular on our hip-hop page. Look for more of his videos to be added soon to IMTV.

  • Direct link to this video.
  • Subliminal - Chai Mi Yom Le'Yom
    This is one of Subliminal's first hits. This Israeli rap video has a great beat and a catchy hook.

  • Direct link to this Subliminal video
  • Subliminal feat. Ron Shoval - Ani Yachol
    This is a great performance by Subliminal and Ron Shoval. The Middle Eastern beat gives the song a great feel.

  • Direct Link to this Subliminal video
  • Sivan & Subliminal

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