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Miscellaneous Videos

Tzingale - Israeli
I don't know what this video is about. Take a guess.

KDAM-2006 Israel
Kdam is Israel's version of Idol. This song has some nice harmonica in it as well as some nice ladies.

Daniela and Sharona Pik - Hello Hello
The Pop duo's live performance of Hello Hello on 2005's Israeli Kdam. Not the greates video. The video from Kdam 2006 is much better. Let us know what you think.

Nox - Forogj Vilag
Music video of Hungarian folk band Nox, has influences of Hungarian gypsy folk and Jewish music.

Exotic singer at NYC nightclub, Satalla
Tami Machnai is a very unique and beautiful Middle Eastern entertainer who sings in English, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, and Ladino and moves as smoothly as the sand across the Sahara. Tami writes her own songs but specializes in adding music to ancient poems or re-arranging the music to age-old ballads to accomodate her eight piece ensemble. See 11 minute excerpt from her show.

Watch an Israeli fashion show.

The Tel-Aviv Love Parade 2004

The Tel-Aviv Love Parade coming to an end.

More booty shakin'. Watch an Israeli salsa class and festival.

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