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Jewish Pop

Aviv gefen - Lejlot Levanim
In this interview we hear an Israeli love song sung by the very popular Aviv Gefen.

Alan del Loco and Gad Albaz - Or (Light)
This singer is also a rapper and he has a video under the jewish hip-hop category which is amazing.

David Lavon's Chevra video
The famous Chevra remake video by David Lavon is back and it's on Israeli Music TV.

Tarkan Simarik 1999
This video came out right before the 21st century. It is the second version of Tarkan's hit "Simarik" (spoiled girl)

Check out this video about a woman that wants to leave her boyfriend but her heart does not allow it. The video clip was produced by Green Productions in Israel. The name of the song is "Leaving You" by Dganit Dado. Director: Or Cohen Camera: Erez Glonska Assistant Photographer: Mushon Yerushalmi Lighting Director: Avri Borhov Producer: Gal Greenspan Musical Production: Famusic

Internet sensation David LavonDavid Lavon, is a yeshiva student from Chicago learning in Beis {a name of a yeshiva } in Neve Yaakov {a neighborhood in Jerusalem}. He decided for Pesach Bein Hazmanim {the yeshiva term for break} to stop off in London for a few days with some friends before heading to the US. Nothing unusual about that. For fun, he and his buddies decided to film a music video.

You've seen the Harlem Boys Choir. Now see the Yeshiva Boys Choir in this music video.

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