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Jewish Reggae

Who would have thought a jewish reggae singer from NY would make such a splash? Matisyahu is breaking ground and destroying stereo types at the same time.

Matisyahu remade his video for "King Without a Crown." To see it Click Here!

Matisyahu beatboxing live at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. Insane!

Matisyahu live in concert on the start of his 2005 Tour in this video.

"It's not overstating the case to say that Matisyahu is an original. The visual package is startling: Picture a young man in traditional payos (side curls), black hat, and long beard grabbing the mike and going off in front of a crowd at New York's hip Mercury Lounge, or the Knitting Factory, or Southpaw -- all rooms that Matisyahu has sold out. He is a man on a mission. And a man with a message." - Jewish MC rocks the mike and keeps it kosher by Joan Anderman, Boston Globe, June 20, 2004

Matisyahu live on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

And live on Letterman

Official Matisyahu Site

Matisyahu "King Without A Crown"
See the original Kind Without a Crown video.

  • Direct link to King Without a Crown
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