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Jewish Rock

Beit Habubot - Sigapo
Watch this Jewish rock video. This is a great song.

Electra - Come Inside
Check out this band hailing from Tel Aviv.

Orphaned Land- Norra el norra
Orphaned Land is an Israeli metal band with Middle Eastern and Oriental influences. They rock so hard.

HaDag Nachash - Numbers
Misparim or Numbers is a protest song by the rock/rap gourp HaDag Nachash (Snake Fish). This is their live concert in Haifa.

This is an Israeli band's independent video. It's a mix of rock and rap somewhat reminiscent of Linkin Park.

HaDag Nachash - California
HaDag Nachash 's single from their new album, "Be-ezrat HaJam". It tells the story of their recording session in California.

Useless ID - No Time for me to be a Teenager
This video was shot in Haifa and Jerusalem. It features some cute Israeli girls!

Chaim Dovid
This Israeli video clip is from the HASC - A Time For Music 17 (XVII) - The Jersualem Experience. This is just a clip, but is still good.

"Take Me" (Kach Oti) Cover by, The Jews.

Harel Moel

"In my Heart" is a musical collaboration between Israeli pop-star David Broza & the popular Palestinian singer Said Murad. Their song is a melancholy but hopeful message about the land they both love and share. This is the theme song for "The Shape of The Future" documentary series produced by Search for Common Ground.

Punkache - She's Addicted to the Bitter Drop One of the silliest bands to come out of the Israeli punk scene. They used to make pop-punk with a very cynical and condecending attitude. But they were great. Hilarious video. You can find more about them and buy their albums at www.fastmusic.co.il

Bardugo The King :
Babi Line Productions
First Shoot, Israel 2005

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