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Israeli Trance/Electronica

Roni "Superstar" Duani - Sukariya (A Candy)
Roni Duani sounds much like Madonna. But this girls isn't a shiksa. Holla!

Party Animals - "Hava Nagila"
This rendition of Hava Nagila is put to a heavy dance beat. It is directed by R.E.L an Israeli video producer and it went straight to number one in the Dutch singles charts. It has been made into the Amsterdam's football club theme song which is played during halftime.

  • Direct link to Hava Nagila video.
  • Aboolele vs. Gaop - And Then I Fell Over

    A music video for the Aboolele vs. Gaop collaboration, the Israeli noise \ drone \ avantgade \ experimental \ electronics duo. Video, stills, art, and editing by ron_zed.

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