"New" 3/28
Three new videos!
Added a video on the Jewish Rock Music page. click here.
Added a Jewish Pop Hip Hop video. click here.
Added a funny clip from Israel's American Idol show. click here.

"New" 3/28
We added more music from the mad hatter of Israeli Rap.
Y-Love !!!!!!.

The David Lavon video is back on IMTV. Be careful. The remake of the Chevra hit song L'Cha is highly addictive. This video will cause extreme cases of procrastination.

"New" 3/27
Rapper, Subliminal and guests give a special performance on Israeli TV. Click here.

"New" 3/24
We added two new videos on our Rock music page. And for all you rap fans we added a rap battle between Iron Solomon and Diobolic. Enjoy!

"New" 3/23
Check out the new featured rapper/reggae musician, Jew Da Maccabi.

"New" 3/22
Want to download the videos from this site?
Read our FAQ for a how to. Also check out our new videos under trance and hip hop. Trance, a dance rendition of Hava Nagila. Hip hop, another video from Subliminal.

"New" 3/21
Your requests have been for more hip-hop so here is another Subliminal video. This rapper is known for verbalizing his political messages through rap. His videos define the Israeli hip-hop scene.

"New" 3/19
Subliminal's first hit rap video added to the hip-hop page. Also watch Matisyahu's original King Without a Crown video on our Reggae page. Thank you to all our visitors for all the support we have been receiving.

    "New" 3/15 videos have been added into Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Trance, Funny clips, and Miscellaneous categories. Updates include videos by Subliminal, video. Moty, and Rebel Sun on the hip hop page.

Other featured videos include Tarkan Simarik, Harel Moel, David Broza, David Lavon, Sivan & Subliminal, Beer-Sheva, Matisyahu and another Subliminal video. Look for more videos to be added soon. We are always looking for more videos by Israeli or Jewish artists. You can also send us your own media and we will post it. Toda raba (thank you).

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